Moulin Madame and Renewable Energy:

We at Moulin Madame are very concerned with planet conservation and cutting edge eco-friendly techniques for our facility.

THE NATURAL RESOURCES: Moulin Madame is constantly undergoing many structural changes which will lead to the house, along with the entire complex, being completely sustainable, incorporating renewable energy sources ( sun, wood, etc.) along with natural filtration systems.

Water & House Heating: “The Green Furnace” and boiler system at Moulin Madame runs completely on solar and wood energy sources. Heating both the house and water with these natural resource elements is extremely efficient in supplying the facility with all its energy needs at no cost or impact to the environment.

Waste Water Filtration Systems: Waste waters from Moulin Madame flows to our natural chamber filtration system. Each chamber contains a natural occurring eco-system in which plants and organisms digest and purify waste waters.

Cleaning and Maintenance: We only use organic biodegradable materials for cleaning supplies and house maintenance. The grounds and plants are only sprayed with natural treatments to preserve the integrity of the soils and to allow the natural processes of the environment. 

Lightning Systems: Lighting techniques within the house utilize technology which reduce energy consumption along with environmental impact reductions.

Organic Gardening Practices: All of the gardens and vegetable gardening practices are organic and when necessary, we employ a variety of bio-fertilizers and crop protection bio-control products (plants extracts, etc...) for the plants production, the weed, insects and diseases management.